ACMPR General Information


4 Licenses per physical address

2 Licenses per individual = 1 personal + 1 designated or 2 designated Applications must be submitted by MAIL only (Several applications can be sent in one express post envelope)

Health Canada Registration Process

Address Locator: 0302B Ottawa, ON K1A 0K9

Original Medical Document Must Accompany the Application Original Criminal Check Must Accompany the Application Only complete and correct Applications will be processed anything other than this will be returned to the patient to make the proper amendments. When sent back they will go to the back of the line.


Authority to communicate to Canadian Police Health Canada will provide law enforcement with verification that an address is licensed for production. Only if they are contacted by law enforcement. They are bound by the privacy act otherwise. Production Site Owner Consent As with the MMAR, the ACMPR ONLY requires property owner consent if the grower (personal or designated) doesn't live at the production address. Applicant’s Declaration A major change from the MMAR is the requirement in the ACMPR that personal producers must now pass a criminal record check. It used to be just DPPLs. You can't be a registered person (grower, either personal or designated) if you have certain convictions in the last 10 years. But only designated persons need to submit criminal record checks. Personal applicants just have to "indicate" they don't have said convictions.