The liberal government recently conducted a parliamentary committee meeting . The House of Commons health committee has been studying the new bill clause by clause since it was released, and recently heard from more than 100 witnesses.
Following that research, the committee put forward two major changes to the legislation earlier this week.   including a requirement that edibles and other concentrated forms of cannabis become legal within a year of Bill C-45 becoming law. 



The original bill put forward also had a requirement that anyone who decided to grow marijuana plants at home had to limit their height to 100 centimetres and cap the number of plants they have to four. The updated bill removes any height requirements following concerns that a citizen could become a criminal simply by giving a plant to much nutrients or by going on vacations for even a week.

The police also strongly opposed this from a control stand point as it would be extremely tough to monitor height and they were not interested in adding meter sticks to their arsenal of gadgets. Over all , these amendments are a step in the right direction and over time we will see more amendments introduced that give Canadian cannabis consumers more rights.