Powdery Mildew is an air born fungi disease. As the name implies , powdery mildew looks like powdery spots of white and can be found on any part of the plant and both indoor and outdoor.

There are many types of powdery mildew but they all look pretty much the same and it can attach in any stage of the plants development. Although powdery mildew can be scary looking , it does not usually cause the plant to die but photosynthesis can stop if the leaf’s are completely covered. It can also effect the taste look,  and smell of the finished product.


Is it a health hazard to smoke powdery mildew?

Consuming plants infected with powdery mildew can be harmful to your health , it can also  lead to respiratory infections and even cause the lung disease Aspergillosis. If a person with a compromised immune system inhales marijuana infected by powdery mildew , they can potentially get a lung infection that can be serious or even fatal.

How does a plant attract powdery mildew?

The most common causes of powdery mildew are:

-High humidity (above 55%)

-Poor air circulation

-wind (outdoor)

-plants being to close to one another

-touching a plant with PM then touching another plant .


How to treat and prevent powdery mildew?

There are many sprays on the market that claim to eliminate powdery mildew once it has been detected. However we could not find one that actually  worked.

Some better options would be:

SERINADE (treatment)

A 100% organic beneficial bacteria helps fight bacteria with bacteria. This liquid smells horrible but it works. We would recommend to dilute with water as per the bottles instructions and spray directly on the effected area.

Surfer Burners (treatment) – Many old school growers use sulfur burners to treat powdery mildew , this method works but can be expensive and will most likely leave a faint  sulfer taste in the finished product.

-Sulfer Burner shown on the left.

C02 (Preventative) By adding 750 PPM of C02 to the grow space then you will be providing  an environment where powdery mildew cannot thrive and you will most likely never see it again. Many growers that we spoke to use C02 just for this purpose and receive the other benefits along with it.


CONCLUSION- To treat powdery mildew effectively , we would recommend to either u a sulfur burner or to mix serenade with the manufactures recommend amount of water.

To prevent powdery mildew , we strongly recommend good air flow and having at least 750 PPM of C02 in the grow room at all times and you should never see it again.