Marijuana Grow License Application

Grow License Process

Provide 1-5 pages of your medical records from your previous visit(s) to a doctor’s office or hospital where you were examined and diagnosed with the health condition you will be treating with medical cannabis. If you have multiple illnesses provide documentation for your primary condition only. These documents can be either of the following:

1-5 pages from your medical charts showing your diagnosis, the treatments

recommended by your physician(s) and the results of any laboratory blood tests.

An ODSP illness or injury report.

You must also submit a list of all prescription medications you are currently taking.

(If you take no prescription medications disregard this.) This can be a list from your pharmacy or doctor’s office. If you don’t have a list, take photographs of the labels on your medication bottles and email them to us with your medical records.

Fill out the attached MARIJUANA GROW LICENCE Patient Assessment/Release forms and email it to along with your medical documents. Or you can sudmit everything in the form to the right

Please include a photograph or scan of your health card and driver’s license in your email.

Once we have received all of these documents we will contact you to
schedule an appointment time.

Grow License Submission

Medical Documentation

Marijuana Grow Liscence Patient Assessment/Release Form

Drivers Liscence Photo

Healthcard Photo