The Canadian government has announced that the cannabis act which will be introduced in July 2018 will include home cultivation of up to 4 plants per household , but what if you have more then one consumer in the home or if you are not the most experienced grower?   The new act actually produces more laws related to marijuana then we as Canadian's have ever seen and will be more strict then anywhere in North America that has allowed recreational use of cannabis except for Washington state where it is still illegal. Similar to US states , the act also leaves the door open for local municipalities to restrict these provisions even further. The  act proposes these 4 plants are only allowed to be 1 meter tall max unlike in Oregon where people grow massive plants to get around the 4 plant limit with no restrictions. The Cannabis act includes punishments of up to 14 years for an individual convicted on an indictable offence and a fine of up to $5.000 dollars , or a fine of up to $5,000 or prison for a term of 6 months on a summary conviction which seems pretty steep for a plant that never hurt anyone. Below we have mapped out a quick comparison to other states that have legalized recreational marijuana and how many plants they allow. Washington- ILLEGAL Colorado-Up to six plants (no more then three mature) per person or 12 max per household. Alaska-Up to 4 plants per household (no size limit) California- (not yet highlighted in lime green as the laws have changed so recently)  6 plant in any state or size plus entire harvest - country can restrict outdoor but not indoor cultivation Compared to these other 5 jurisdictions ( California being the most recent to legalize) the proposed cannabis act would seem to be some of the toughest regulations in North America. Especially considering 92% of Canadian's that completed the cannabis act online survey agree to home cultivation. The average daily consumption rate of a frequent cannabis user is about 2 grams a day which would require 730 grams annually and not to mention if you have more then one daily  consumer in the household . With the 4 plant limit and the height restrictions it would be extremely difficult to adequately supply yourself all year long leaving you to depend on an alternate source most likely controlled by the government. We talked to some growers under the the ACMPR programs and some regular marijuana consumers who are waiting for legalization and the general opinion was that the benefits of having the freedom to cultivate or potentially cultivate as per a prescription seems to outweigh any potential benefit from this proposed legislation. If someone is looking at taking marijuana growing seriously then they might want to think about signing up with the ACMPR program to avoid unintentionally being turned into a criminal. On the other hand , this program could benefit your occasional user such as your parents or grandparents or a hobbyist gardener who has always been interested in the plants botany.